Thursday, July 21, 2011

FHC recap

I want to thank everyone again for coming out for the Farmhouse Classic on Saturday. I hope you all had as much fun as I did!
We had 55 people start, 32 finishers of the entire 93 miles! It was a tough course, and a very hot day, so congrats to all of you!
Let me know if you have any questions, comments, or feedback regarding anything FHC.
  • Gerald Hart - Bucyrus KS - Open 5:59
  • Doug Long - Chillicothe MO - Open 6:01
  • Mark Cole - Spring Hill KS - Open 6:09
  • Curt Schelman - Smithville MO - Open 6:09
  • John Mathias - Olathe KS - Open 6:34
  • Ty Trammell - Open 6:42
  • Eric Finks - Clinton MO - Open 6:42
  • Amber Markey - Lawrence KS - Ladies 6:50
  • Sam Weinberg - Lawrence KS - SS 6:50
  • Tim Mohn - Emporia KS - Open 6:54
  • Kevin Collings - Bel Aire KS - Open 7:03
  • Jeremy Fry - Waterloo IA - Open 7:03
  • LeLan Dains - Emporia KS- Open 7:11
  • John Williams - KCMO - Open 7:13
  • Brian Lasswell - Lees Summit MO - Open 7:13
  • Darin Paoli - Prairie Village KS 7:13
  • Craig Steeds - KCMO - Open 7:13
  • Mark Krause - Blue Springs MO - Open 7:13
  • Ron Saul - Cedar Falls IA - Open 7:38
  • Bryce Hylton - Jeff City MO - SS 7:47
  • Matt Stacey - Jeff City MO - Open 7:48
  • Kristi Mohn - Emporia KS - Ladies 7:53
  • Scott OMara - Emporia KS - Open 7:57
  • Eric Benjamin - Emporia KS - Open 8:05
  • Ben Bolin - KCMO - Open 8:20
  • Scott Rogers - KCMO - Open 8:20
  • IV Whitman - Parkville MO - Open 8:20
  • John Welsh - KCMO - SS 8:35
  • Cody Mathias - OP KS - Open 8:35
  • Barbie Miller - Columbia MO - Ladies 8:35
  • Craig Irving - Mount Vernon IA - SS 8:35
  • Don Daly - Lees Summit MO - SS 8:35
Until next time...

Friday, July 15, 2011

Final info and map

Breatkfast: 8:00 (biscuits, breads, muffins) Someone should probably bring donuts to round out the mix!
Start: 9:00 Neutral Roll-out for about a mile then it's on! You will receive your first 2 maps, and first section of cue sheets at start. I will be at Casey's (mile 31.5) to hand out next 2 maps and remaining cue sheets.
Food: 3:00pm (don't worry, there will be plenty, if you come rolling in later).
5872 SE 248th St. Lathrop, MO 64465 Take 1-35 to exit 40 (Lathrop). Head west on 116 toward Lathrop 1.7 miles to Mule Barn Rd. Turn Left on Mule Barn Rd for 1 mile to 248th, Turn right and house is on the right.
Park to the back left of the property by the barn.
Here is the map for the ride. It has the services marked as well as the turnoff (272nd and Mule Barn Rd) at mile 51.6 for the shorter route.
Let me know if you have any questions.
See you in the morning.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Only a few more days!

I drove the entire course today, and it is going to be sweet! Even behind the wheel of a car w/ the AC on it was a cooker. In order to make sure everyone stays safe this year, I will have 2 services along the way. Mile 31.6, and mile 71. The course is 93 miles this year. Also, there will be an option to ride a shorter distance (55 miles), that follows the first 51.6 miles of the course then turns off toward the start/finish. I will have this marked on the cue sheets, but keep in mind, that when you see Mule Barn RD (on 272nd street) and you're cooked, feel free to turn left and head to the food!
Once again the start is at 9:00am at 5872 SE 248th St. Lathrop, MO 64465
This is my sister and brother in law's house so please be respectful. Each year they allow me to take over their property, invite a bunch of cyclists, most of whom I don't know, to camp out, ride bikes, and have a BBQ. I want to have all of you back next year, so keep it cool. A couple side notes. You are more than welcome to come camp out friday night. I will be up there at 6:00pm, and if you want to join, try to be there by 8:00 so we're not rolling in after dark. The low should be 70 that night. With that in mind, it is going to be HOT saturday. We're used to it by now, but please be prepared. Plan to carry 3 bottles between aid stations.
The first service is a Casey's store in Polo MO. You have to ride past it on the route. The second service is a Finish Line station in Plattsburg MO. I will make a note of it on the cue sheet. It is 4 blocks past one of your turns.
One more note. The facilities we've used the last couple years were not fired back up after the winter. Therefore the bathrooms will not be used. If you are driving in that morning, try to stop before you arrive. But, we're also out in the middle of no where, so if you gotta go...
I'll post the map up later in the week if you want to print it or plug it into your garmin.
The course is not marked, many street signs are non-existent, but it is very carefully mapped and cued. Please have an accurate computer on your bike to follow the turns.
Let me know if you have any questions.
I'll send out a final mass email in a couple days highlighting much of the above.