Thursday, July 17, 2014

Check points and cut offs

There will be two check points along route.
CP1- Mile 35.7 - Maysville, MO
CP2- Mile 69.6 - Plattsburg, MO
You will have to check in at each town by signing off on your name. Each check point is at a gas station. Plan to bring some money to refuel. There will be a couple "neutral" support vehicles there with water coolers and various nutritional snacks.
Cut offs will be 11:30 for check point 1. And 3:00 for check point 2!
If you are not there by those times, please plan accordingly. From CP2 Lathrop is 8 miles east on 116. There's your bail out if you need it.
BBQ will start at 3:00! You'll be hungry!

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