Monday, July 21, 2014


Thanks for coming out saturday! We had 52 riders this year at FHC! It was a great group of individuals, fantastic riding, and awesome BBQ!
First off, I want to thank Celeste Mathias and Carter Jones for their help. Please post any comments of thanks or send me an email and I will make sure it gets to them! They were great in making sure bottles were filled, cookies were consumed, and cues were had! Thanks again!
Our winners...yes there is a race aspect to the FHC for some... Were David Neidinger and Shelby Stokes. Both riders rode well all day! David finished with Josh Johnson, but someone has to be the first loser! Brian Bradley rounded out the top 3 for open. Our masters always rode really well! John Mathias got a bit off course, but still rode at the front all day! Our official masters winner was Carl Fischer of Leavenworth. Wes Boyce repeated his SS victory from last year!
I hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did! Already looking forward to next years event. Not sure I can find any more hills, but I will try! May throw something together in the 70 mile range for this fall! But for now, plan on July 18th 2015 as the next FHC!
Here's some cool stuff from the weekend!
Eric Benjamin is sure to post something HERE
The Jim Cummins of DK200 fame, rocking so seriously dirty legs!

A pic I took early in the day of the Dirty Dog pack
David Neidinger finishing with Josh Johnson on his wheel!

Until next time! 

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